Sell to gamesIRL / Instructions

Selling to gamesIRL is easy!

Before you start your sell order, please take a look at our updated selling information below. You can find instructions on how to sell your cards, how to pack your cards, how we grade, payment information and more. If you have any other questions, or couldn’t find your answers in the sections below, please feel free to reach out to us any time at or give us a call at 860-693-1337 between 12pm and 8pm EST, and we’ll do our best to get you taken care of.


Before You Sell - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long do I have to send you the cards?

    Sell orders that are placed with us give us an idea of inventory that will be coming into the building, so orders must be postmarked or dropped off in-store within 7 days of placing your order. Orders postmarked after 7 days may have their orders canceled or purchase prices updated on receipt.

  2. How long does the grading process take?

    The grading process will fluctuate depending upon how busy we are and how many orders we have at the time. After your order arrives in our facility, we will verify its contents and update the status as received within 48 hours. Once the order is marked as received, it will be graded and finalized in 1 to 5 business days.

  3. Do you contact me with the grading results before finalizing my order?

    In order to keep the grading flow as fast as possible, we will only contact you with the grading results if you leave a comment in the customer comment field requesting that you be contacted regarding the results before finalization. Otherwise, your order will be graded and finalized in regular fashion.

  4. Can I change my mind and get my cards back after my order is finalized?

    The only way we can provide you a return of your cards, if you change your mind regarding the grading or you disagree with the grades you’ve received, is if you have left a comment in the customer comment section of your order requesting that you be contacted with the results before finalization. Once we’ve finalized an order, the order is committed to our live inventory and is immediately sent to our fulfillment team to be incorporated into the inventory floor. There will be no way to tell which cards are yours at that point, so we will not be able to return the cards to you if you change your mind.


Selling Singles 

These are the instructions for selling singular cards. If you are looking to sell bulk cards, sealed products or collections, please check our other selling sections on this page for more information.

  • To begin your order, sign into your account and go to the “Sell Cards” option in the banner at the top of the page, and then click the MTG Singles/Foils tab.
  • To add cards to your sell order, select an edition from the dropdown menu and locate your card, or enter a keyword (such as a card name, or a card type such as “token”) to search the buy list.
  • Click the “Qty to Sell” button to the right of the card you would like to sell, and then click the number of how many of the card you would like to add to your sell order.
  • Repeat until you have created your sell order with all cards you intend to sell listed. Before going to checkout and finalizing your order, please double check what you have listed in the order. If there are any cards that have been listed that are not in the correct set or not the correct amount, please go back and modify the order to reflect what is going to be included in your order. *If there are a significant number of cards that are listed incorrectly on your order, your order may be canceled and returned to you so you can recreate it with the correct listings*
  • Once you have checked your order and verified that all cards listed are correct, click “Checkout” and complete the checkout process as directed. If you would like to be contacted before we finalize your order to see what grades and what total you will be receiving, please leave a comment in the Customer Comment section of your order when it is prompted.
  • Note - when you are finished making your sell order, you will see a total at the bottom of the invoice showing the added total of the cards on your order. The total you see is a combination of all your listed cards if they are graded at NM. If the cards are not graded at NM, you will see the initial total go down when your order is received and finalized.


How to Pack Singles

This section is regarding packaging singles, collections and product orders. Bulk orders are packaged slightly differently and are notated in the Selling Bulk section.

  • Always be sure to include your name and order number in the package. If you finish packing the order and realize you forgot to leave the order number within the package, write the order number on the outside of the package for our grading team to see.
  • Sort singles in the exact order that they appear on the invoice, with the first title on your invoice being the card at the front of your order. If cards are shipped to us out of order, your order will be placed in a different area to be organized before grading and will take longer than expected for you to receive your payment, or they may be canceled and returned to you to be sent back in as a new order.
  • Remove cards from any sleeves, binders, or any kind of packaging. We understand wanting to sleeve cards to protect them, but sleeving cards slows down the grading process. If you have cards with sleeves, your order can potentially be canceled and returned to you to be fixed before grading. If you have high end cards that you want to provide extra protections for, you may place the card between two sleeves. With this method you get the benefit and safety of sleeves, but there is no delay with handling.
  • Cards should be secured in a hard-shell case, deck box, fat pack or other solid container or box. Avoid using rubber bands, tape, paper clips, or any other containers that may damage your cards.
  • Ensure that the cards are packed securely and will not shift or fall out during transit, and try to have as little open space in the package as possible. Packing peanuts, packing paper, newspapers, and bubble wrap are great packing materials that are suggested by many shipping companies.
  • When packaging and securing your cards, do not use excessive tape or other materials that will put your cards at risk by making the package difficult to open.
  • We encourage you to use shipping that comes with tracking information and insurance for your shipment to protect you. We are unable to pay you for cards we do not receive, so unfortunately if you order is lost in the mail we cannot complete the sell order. Having tracking information and insurance will ensure that you will be taken care of, no matter what happens.
  • Orders must be shipped out and postmarked within 7 days of creating the order. When you’re ready, send your order to:

    Attn: Grading (Your Order Number)
    223 Albany Turnpike
    Canton CT 06019


 Order Timelines and Receiving Your Payment

This section will explain the grading process, the approximate timeline of a sell order, and how your payment will be totaled and distributed to you.

  • Once your order is received by our team, we will verify its contents and update the status of your order within 48 hours. You may see a notification from your shipping company before you see a modification to your sell order. We go through multiple pallets of mail each day, so once the pallet with your package is delivered to us, it may be a few hours before we are able to open the package and extract your order to mark it as received.
  • Your cards will make their way to a grader after being received, and your order will be graded and finalized in one to five business days, depending on how many orders we have at the time.
  • Once your order is graded and finalized, your payment will be issued. Paypal and Store Credit payments are issued within 24 hours of the order being finalized. Check payments will be run through our bank in Arizona, and they will be cut the next business day and shipped to you shortly after that. Check delivery generally takes 3-5 business days, depending on where you live in proximity to Arizona, but can take up to 2 weeks.
  • gamesIRL is unable to pay for cards not received by our Grading Department, even if they appear on the invoice. If a card is not included in your sell order shipment for any reason, we cannot offer cash or store credit for the card. Please make sure that your invoice correctly reflects what is in your sell order.


Selling Collections

If you are looking to sell an entire collection with us, or if you have Magic collectibles, high value foil or high value non-English cards, please contact our Purchasing Department at For more information regarding collections and high value cards, please see our Sell Your Collection page.


Grading Guide

Please refer to the grading guide linked below for an accurate representation of our grading. Keep in mind that the grades also reflect the card in its entirety, rather than some singular aspects, so grades may fluctuate. Due to this system, you have upper and lower ends of each tier, such as a high-end EX or a low-end NM. Cards are judged upon a case by case basis but will always use this grading system as their core.